Love and Respect – An Account of My Father’s Advice and the Keys To Over-Power the World, My Heart, and Life

Yesterday was my father’s birthday. We had a lovely time, and at the end of the day, I went to say goodnight to my father and wish him a happy birthday. I came to him with my heart, I was seeking his blessing upon my sleep, and as I was walking towards him I felt like I was really and truly under his protection and I was really so ever grateful for his wisdom, guidance, advice, and love. I am truly undeserving of my father’s and of my Heavenly Father’s grace and protection over me. 

I step into his office quietly walking towards him. Every step I make I am aware that I am feeling more and more grateful to him, and I realise how much I actually love him. I step into sight, and he arises and takes hold of my hand tightly. It’s as if he will never ever let go. I am again reminded of my Heavenly Father, and of how strong his love is for me. 

I hug my father, giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek. He embraces me, and leads me to the living room, and sits me down on the couch there. Sitting there I feel like a princess. I feel like I can with my father’s and my Almighty God’s help conquer and change the world.

He seats himself next to me and gazes into my eyes for a few seconds. I can feel him looking straight into my heart, and I start to love him so much all over again. He then gently places a book that he seemed to have loved and used a lot beside me. My eyes fall on to the words that are written boldly, shining out at me from the front cover. Love & Respect – The Love She Most Desires, The Respect He Desperately Needs.’

 I glance up at my father with mixed feelings. He starts to explain to me The Cycle of Love and Respect. I understand him and I am full of appreciation towards him. I start to see the big picture. I realize how much he really wants to help me to live life in a God-glorifying way. I see how much he invests in me in ways I did not recognize before.

Right at this moment he is giving me the tools to over-power the world – the temptations, the sin, the influence. I close my eyes and remember this very moment – my father is with me here on this earth. I am sitting in front of a beautiful warm, cosy fire, watching the sparkles in my father’s eyes; he is protecting, guiding and preparing me for the future. I am sitting on his knee and half-hugging him, slowly understanding the world. I am receiving the tools and the powers of life. And I am under the protection of my father. The words I remember and will remember for the rest of my life that he told me that night are these: ‘Your heart is deceitful, this world is deceitful, and charm is deceitful, and beauty is deceitful. Do not trust yourself to determine the consequences. The Lord will be with you in your life always if you surrender to Him your life always – forever eternally, until the very end.’



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