The Quotes I Remember – A Few Insights I Learned at Impact 2013

About a month ago, I went to a great conference held in Hastings, New Zealand, where I used to live for 3 years. This fantastic conference was also at the congregation that we used to go to while we were living there. I am delighted to present to you in this blog post a few things that I really enjoyed meditating on over the past month or so since I went to this conference called Impact 2013. I pink sunset 1enjoyed learning about various topics and listening to the different speakers preaching the Word of God.

I learned so much from two different sermons in particular. The following phrase was preached by Scott Ardavanis. He said, “The same incredible grace that saves us should be the same grace that transforms us. We ought to transform our lives in God’s truth. If we are not changed according to God’s standards, then the Holy Spirit is not dwelling within us. The direction of your life should be that of imitation – every true believer should have the qualities to be able and willing to serve the living and true and all-powerful King of Kings. We are called to preach the Gospel – to preach with passion and speak with love.” That excellent quote from Dr. Ardavanis caused deep thought in my mind throughout the Impact conference, and also afterwards. Something else that he said also caught my attention, “All believers should focus not on deeds, but direction.” That was also very powerful.

 Another great preacher named Adam Tyson preached a fascinating sermon titled “Is the Congregation Really Necessary?”A couple of interesting things that Mr. Tyson said that I found very intriguing in his sermon were, “If Jesus the Messiah is necessary, then the Congregation is too. Do you accept your congregation as a gift from God? Do you truly love your place of worship, and your fellow believers, your source of preaching from the Bible? Or do you think it is just there for self-entertainment, and that it doesn’t always fulfil its earthly purpose?”

Another excellent statement Mr. Tyson preached is the following quote: “Who is the Messiah? This question and its answer will determine your future destiny. The end of your life doesn’t reveal its age, nor its destination until it’s too late.” I found that statement so full of meaning; so rich, so powerful, and so convicting, that I actually used it twice while witnessing to people since. I was in deep thought over this for the past month since I heard it, and I read it over and over, every time discovering new truths.

Jesus is Lord, and He died for us. He did it for His glory and our benefit. Praise the Lord for His amazing, saving, and transforming  grace.


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