Worship God Alone Part 1 – Worship

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Worship. A powerful word. A word that caused many deaths of the believers. The word that every believer in Jesus should do on a continual basis, no matter the circumstances. Worship. The Bible’s definition for this deep and powerful word is:

Worship the Holy God 

Worship is more than to understand. Worship is more than to believe. Worship is more than to simply admire. Worship is to desire. Worship is to love, to adore, to praise, to glorify, to acknowledge – worship is to be humbled in the presence of a Holy and Powerful God.

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When we as unimportant, sinful human beings here on earth think of worship, we often tend to think of singing pretty hymns at our weekly fellowship on Sundays, or people throwing themselves on their knees and begging for mercy before the almighty God.

True, worship can be like that. And it should be as drastic as that, full of gratitude to Him who has saved us and full of eternal adoration for God. But what about in between those times – On our way to work or school, lying in bed at night worrying over something or other, while in the heat in the kitchen cooking dinner, brushing our teeth, knitting on the couch, or just simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon on holiday or at home?

Worship should always be in our hearts, and in our minds. It should be part of our every-day lives – we should always be praising God in our hearts, praying, learning a verse in the Bible or reading God’s Word at every spare moment.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-19 says: “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Jesus the Messiah for you. Do not quench the Spirit.” And in Matthew 4:10 it says: “Then Jesus said…. You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.”

Here are three simple ways for us all to do just that –

Music and Singing

Psalm 100:1-2; 4 – “Make a joyful noise to the LORD all the earth! Serve the LORD with gladness! Come into His presence with singing! Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise! Give thanks to Him; bless His name!”

While at home, doing your duties or nothing in particular, why not listen to some beautiful worship music? Put a CD into your laptop, listen on your ipod, or on the radio in the car. Music is a wonderful gift from God, and can be used as a good source to worship your Creator. You can sing along or quietly worship in your heart with the music.

Praying to our Saviour

1 Thessalonians 5:17….. “Pray without ceasing”

This is a very simple, yet important command. Praying for the sick, fainthearted, or weary. We can pray for our families, for the unsaved, for the missionaries, for our rulers and authorities, for the peace and safety of our country, and most importantly, for God to change us, work in our hearts, and give us strength and courage in times of weakness or need. Even if we are quietly bringing our anxieties before our Maker in our hearts, He is listening and we can be assured and encouraged that He is with us.

Learning more about His Word

Psalm 119:11- “For I have stored up Your Word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.”

Learning about God’s word is very important. I would recommend reading the psalms – one a day, and maybe even learn a few off by heart. The psalms is a good book to read and use for worship – it is full of praise to the Lord.

reading them leads our hearts to desire to worship.

I hope and pray that you are encouraged to have a heart to worship your Saviour.

How are you going to worship your Holy Creator today?


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  • The ESV Bible
  • The fearfully and wonderfully made brain with which the Lord has provided me.

Trusting God With My Hopes, My Dreams, and Ultimately – My Life

In all my childhood I dreamed about so many things. I dreamed about being a woman, living an important life, and doing something to lighten the burden of this filthy, dark earth, bringing a little hope in the midst of despair. Right at this moment, on the 3rd of December, 2014 at 8:39am, I’m still dreaming, yet my dreams have strayed from the simple aspirations of childhood. I no longer have that complete and certain confidence in my beliefs, my dreams, my Almighty God.

When I was a small child, I thought my father could do anything. He was my inspiration Father Daughter Dance blog post pic no. 4 (1) final 3and example in standing up for the Gospel, facing difficulties with the Lord’s strength, and living by the Word of God. My father was able and willing to lead me through life, teaching, guiding, advising, and correcting me.

If only I could trust my Lord Jesus as I did my father. If only I could turn to Him with every problem, lean on Him through every difficulty, have faith in Him to guide my path when I am lost, and trust my every dream and hope to His protection.

In the meantime I am here now, trying to cling to my childhood, striving to trust my Heavenly Father, trying to understand all these new responsibilities. But at the same time I still have to cling to my old innocent hope that has guided me through the time, and given me a purpose and a direction. But even more importantly, I must cling to my everlasting light that truly can never fail – Jesus

Do you ever struggle with an unknown time, or have doubts? Remember to always cling to the hope we can find in our Saviour.

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion,
which cannot be moved, but abides forever.
As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
so the Lord surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore.

– Psalm 125:1-2

NOTE: I give all credit to Rhoda Newton at Serving With Joy For Editing this Post, and for Choosing the title. She is a great author, and my good friend here on the South Island. I would Recommend Reading and subscribing to her Blog – she writes beautifully, and always has a good message in her words.

A Choice of Vital Importance – The Keys You Don’t Realize that You Hold to Your Child’s Future Destiny

Parents have a great responsibility. It is a lot more vital than you realize – you are responsible for a little human being’s future destiny. You have a simple choice to make for your child. Will she grow up with her family, being dependant upon her mother’s love, her father’s care, her spiritual food, and her emotional encouragement; Or will she be raised up in a public environment, by strangers, alone and afraid – with no-one to turn to but her foolish friends who will soon fade out of her life.

 Do you want to see in your young girl’s eyes the fear and desperate need blog pic xxthat she yearns after, or are you going to invest in her soul, to see her heart overflow with gratitude, life, enthusiasm, light, and hope? 

That is entirely your choice.

Not everything in school is bad. In fact, almost all of the children in the world go to school, I am but merely stating that homeschooling is so much MORE of a blessing and it will impact your child more than you can ever imagine. So you say, how do you know? You are only an eleven-year old child who doesn’t have any children nor experience in such matters at all!

I will tell you how I know – I am homeschooled myself! I was at school for almost two years and I have also experienced the delight and blessings in homeschooling, and I know exactly what it is like to be a child of need and despair. I also have seen and felt the change in my whole family since my parents started homeschooling my three younger siblings and I. We are truly so blessed!

 I am very happy with being home-schooled. I finish all of my schoolwork within an hour most days. It is really such a great feeling, and yet a sorrowful one to think of all those poor children stuck in school for all those long, long, long, exhausting hours, sitting listening to lies about monkey-humans (evolution), huge bangs from floating cells (the big bang theory), and such, while I am in the environment in which God has placed me – among my family, the people who will stick by me for the rest of my life.

 Friends will come and go, but my family will always be there for me. I am not saying that you shouldn’t have friends, I am merely saying that from the beginning, God desired for children to grow up with their parents leading, advising, teaching, caring, educating, loving and watching

over them, not some stranger – a teacher who may care but doesn’t have the power or time to really be involved personally in a child’s life, to listen to what is going on in her heart, her mind, to take a real, deep interest in the state of her soul.

 Some may say that I have probably gone too far with

the idea of homeschooling, but this is one of my greatest passions. This is what I desire to see in every home, in every parent, in every child. 

What is going to be your choice?

Evangelism: Your Opinion

Love and Respect – An Account of My Father’s Advice and the Keys To Over-Power the World, My Heart, and Life

Yesterday was my father’s birthday. We had a lovely time, and at the end of the day, I went to say goodnight to my father and wish him a happy birthday. I came to him with my heart, I was seeking his blessing upon my sleep, and as I was walking towards him I felt like I was really and truly under his protection and I was really so ever grateful for his wisdom, guidance, advice, and love. I am truly undeserving of my father’s and of my Heavenly Father’s grace and protection over me. 

I step into his office quietly walking towards him. Every step I make I am aware that I am feeling more and more grateful to him, and I realise how much I actually love him. I step into sight, and he arises and takes hold of my hand tightly. It’s as if he will never ever let go. I am again reminded of my Heavenly Father, and of how strong his love is for me. 

I hug my father, giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek. He embraces me, and leads me to the living room, and sits me down on the couch there. Sitting there I feel like a princess. I feel like I can with my father’s and my Almighty God’s help conquer and change the world.

He seats himself next to me and gazes into my eyes for a few seconds. I can feel him looking straight into my heart, and I start to love him so much all over again. He then gently places a book that he seemed to have loved and used a lot beside me. My eyes fall on to the words that are written boldly, shining out at me from the front cover. Love & Respect – The Love She Most Desires, The Respect He Desperately Needs.’

 I glance up at my father with mixed feelings. He starts to explain to me The Cycle of Love and Respect. I understand him and I am full of appreciation towards him. I start to see the big picture. I realize how much he really wants to help me to live life in a God-glorifying way. I see how much he invests in me in ways I did not recognize before.

Right at this moment he is giving me the tools to over-power the world – the temptations, the sin, the influence. I close my eyes and remember this very moment – my father is with me here on this earth. I am sitting in front of a beautiful warm, cosy fire, watching the sparkles in my father’s eyes; he is protecting, guiding and preparing me for the future. I am sitting on his knee and half-hugging him, slowly understanding the world. I am receiving the tools and the powers of life. And I am under the protection of my father. The words I remember and will remember for the rest of my life that he told me that night are these: ‘Your heart is deceitful, this world is deceitful, and charm is deceitful, and beauty is deceitful. Do not trust yourself to determine the consequences. The Lord will be with you in your life always if you surrender to Him your life always – forever eternally, until the very end.’


The Quotes I Remember – A Few Insights I Learned at Impact 2013

About a month ago, I went to a great conference held in Hastings, New Zealand, where I used to live for 3 years. This fantastic conference was also at the congregation that we used to go to while we were living there. I am delighted to present to you in this blog post a few things that I really enjoyed meditating on over the past month or so since I went to this conference called Impact 2013. I pink sunset 1enjoyed learning about various topics and listening to the different speakers preaching the Word of God.

I learned so much from two different sermons in particular. The following phrase was preached by Scott Ardavanis. He said, “The same incredible grace that saves us should be the same grace that transforms us. We ought to transform our lives in God’s truth. If we are not changed according to God’s standards, then the Holy Spirit is not dwelling within us. The direction of your life should be that of imitation – every true believer should have the qualities to be able and willing to serve the living and true and all-powerful King of Kings. We are called to preach the Gospel – to preach with passion and speak with love.” That excellent quote from Dr. Ardavanis caused deep thought in my mind throughout the Impact conference, and also afterwards. Something else that he said also caught my attention, “All believers should focus not on deeds, but direction.” That was also very powerful.

 Another great preacher named Adam Tyson preached a fascinating sermon titled “Is the Congregation Really Necessary?”A couple of interesting things that Mr. Tyson said that I found very intriguing in his sermon were, “If Jesus the Messiah is necessary, then the Congregation is too. Do you accept your congregation as a gift from God? Do you truly love your place of worship, and your fellow believers, your source of preaching from the Bible? Or do you think it is just there for self-entertainment, and that it doesn’t always fulfil its earthly purpose?”

Another excellent statement Mr. Tyson preached is the following quote: “Who is the Messiah? This question and its answer will determine your future destiny. The end of your life doesn’t reveal its age, nor its destination until it’s too late.” I found that statement so full of meaning; so rich, so powerful, and so convicting, that I actually used it twice while witnessing to people since. I was in deep thought over this for the past month since I heard it, and I read it over and over, every time discovering new truths.

Jesus is Lord, and He died for us. He did it for His glory and our benefit. Praise the Lord for His amazing, saving, and transforming  grace.

An Honouring Desire – The Reason I Am Standing Up For My Faith Through This Blog

I wanted a blog. Something to encourage. To change. To challenge. To glorify. Something that will make people see that there is something that is greater than life, more satisfying than knowledge, and more incredible, wonderful, and scientific than science itself. I wanted people to glorify God, and to know something that is richer than wealth.

I started this blog, but I never got around to posting anything. I needed courage, and I also needed guidence. Finally, I asked God if He thought that starting a blog would bring glory to His name. I told Him why and I explained to Him that I wanted people to glorify Him. I told Him that I am so angry at the world – that it was only getting darker, and so I told Him that I decided that I wanted the light to get lighter, and to hopefully be an influence and spread to the darkness of the world.

I prayed some more about it and read my Bible. I started reading some of the psalms, and as I read I came upon these verses:

For with you is the fountain of life;
in your light do we see light.

10 Oh, continue your steadfast love to those who know you,
and your righteousness to the upright of heart!

– Psalm 36:9-10

I knew the answer. God is so wonderful – He will never ignore His child’s need or prayer. He is with us every step of the way. He has done so much for this dark world, He died for this world – and He is worth more than our lives. He deserves our glory. He deserves the crown that He has died for, all to crown me with everlasting life. I am truly and eternally grateful to Him for all He has done, and my greatest desire is to honour Him with all my heart.

I knew the answer – I was going to write this blog. I was going to write it to Him alone, for His glory alone, and from my heart in full gratitude to Him for all He has done, and all that He is.

Below is a quote that I love, and that I have remembered when I am standing up for my Saviour, and when I needed courage:

“You will have a God who is pleased with you BEYOND what you can imagine, a God who is glorified in you BEYOND what you can comprehend, and a God who is honoured and praised by you BEYOND what you can know…”

– Quoted by Tehila Gonen – http://www.womenabiding.com

I thank you for joining me today at crowned in glory. To read more about my blog and it’s purpose, I invite you to have a look at the About My Blog page.

Yours truly,

Aviel Gonen